Top 10 Best Microphones for YouTube Filming in 2023

Jun 23, 2023



Are you a YouTube content creator or an aspiring one? Are you ready to revolutionize your content and leave your viewers spellbound? Get ready to unlock the power of exceptional audio quality. We we unveil the top 10 microphones for YouTube in 2023. From crisp narration to studio-grade recordings and epic gaming moments, these microphones will elevate your content to new heights. Get ready to captivate, mesmerize, and make your mark in the world of YouTube with the best microphone for YouTube in 2023.


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Why Sound Quality Matters on YouTube 


Sound quality is paramount on YouTube as it profoundly affects viewer engagement and satisfaction. Immersive and clear audio draws viewers into your content, enhancing their overall experience. The right microphone plays a vital role in elevating your YouTube content. It captures your voice with exceptional clarity, ensuring every word and sound is conveyed with impact. By investing in a high-quality microphone, you demonstrate professionalism and commitment to delivering the best experience possible. Excellent sound quality captivates your audience, keeps them engaged, and fosters a loyal following. Don't overlook the significance of superior audio – it's the key to unlocking YouTube success.


Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Microphone for YouTube


Choosing the right microphone for your YouTube channel is crucial for top-notch audio quality. One common mistake to avoid is relying solely on the built-in microphone of your camera or smartphone. From my experience, I found that built-in microphones often deliver subpar audio that fails to meet professional standards. Investing in an external microphone dramatically improved the clarity and professionalism of my videos, making them more engaging for viewers.

To avoid pitfalls, consider your specific content needs. Whether you're recording vocals, instruments, or interviews, select a microphone type that suits your requirements. Whether it's a lavalier microphone for on-the-go recordings, a shotgun microphone for directional audio, or a studio condenser microphone for high-quality vocals, the right microphone will enhance the overall audio experience for your audience.

Additionally, don't overlook the importance of audio accessories and proper setup. Using a windscreen or pop filter can minimize unwanted noise, while proper microphone positioning and settings ensure optimal audio capture. By investing in the right accessories and mastering setup techniques, you can significantly improve the audio quality of your recordings.

By avoiding common mistakes, such as relying solely on built-in microphones, and utilizing external microphones with proper accessories and setup, you can elevate the audio quality of your YouTube channel. This will make your content more professional, engaging, and enjoyable for your viewers.


Understanding Your Audio Needs 


To choose the right microphone for your YouTube content, it's essential to understand your audio needs. Consider the following points:

Identify the purpose of your content:

  • Vlogging

  • Music creation

  • Podcasting

  • Gaming

Assess the recording environment:

  • Studio

  • Outdoor settings

  • Home recording


By identifying the specific purpose of your content and assessing the recording environment, you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect microphone for your YouTube endeavors. Understanding your audio needs ensures that the microphone you choose is well-suited to your content and recording environment, resulting in optimal sound quality and a better overall viewer experience.


Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Microphone for YouTube  


When purchasing a microphone for your YouTube channel, several key factors should be considered. These factors will help you make an informed decision and choose the microphone that best suits your needs. Let's explore these factors in detail:


Sound quality 

When selecting a microphone for YouTube, prioritize sound quality. Look for a microphone with accurate frequency response, low self-noise, and a suitable polar pattern for your recording needs.



Consider the user-friendliness of the microphone. Look for mounting options that suit your setup, intuitive controls for easy adjustment of settings, and compatibility with your recording device.


Ease of use

Consider the user-friendliness of the microphone. Look for mounting options that suit your setup, intuitive controls for easy adjustment of settings, and compatibility with your recording device.



For creators on the go, portability is crucial. Select a microphone that is compact, lightweight, and offers convenient USB connectivity. Protective cases can also help safeguard the microphone during transportation.



Set a budget range and find a microphone that offers the best value within your financial means. Consider the long-term investment of a high-quality microphone that will deliver better results and durability.


Considering these key factors—sound quality, durability, ease of use, portability, and budget—will guide you in selecting the ideal microphone for your YouTube endeavors.

Try to watch our youtube video about necessary considerations when buying a Microphone.

Now, here’s our list to the best microphones for Youtube. You may check this out:


Top 10 Best Microphones for YouTube in 2023


1. Pop Voice Pro Lav Mic

Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars


  • Professional sound quality for clear and high-quality recordings on smartphones.
  • Versatile compatibility with iPhone and Android smartphones.
  • Easy to use with a hands-free lapel design and quick setup.
  • Portable and lightweight for on-the-go recording.


  • May require an adapter for newer smartphones without a traditional headphone jack.
  • Limited range compared to larger microphones.
  • May pick up background noise in noisy environments.  


The PoP voice Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone is a top choice for YouTube creators seeking high-quality audio. With its omnidirectional condenser mic and compatibility with iPhone and Android smartphones, it delivers professional sound quality for enhanced YouTube videos. Its convenient lapel design and easy setup make it a reliable and user-friendly option for content creators. Elevate your YouTube content with the PoP voice Lavalier Lapel Microphone and provide your audience with clear and engaging audio.


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2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

 Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars


  • High-fidelity recording with studio-quality sound.
  • Versatile connectivity for microphones, instruments, and monitors.
  • User-friendly design with intuitive controls.
  • Software bundle included for a comprehensive recording experience.
  • Solid build quality for long-lasting reliability.


  • Requires a computer or device with a USB port.
  • May be overkill for basic recording needs.
  • Software setup and configuration may require some technical knowledge.
  • Not compatible with smartphones or tablets without a USB port.


The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface is a powerful tool for recording, songwriting, streaming, and podcasting. With its high-fidelity studio-quality recording capabilities and all-inclusive software package, it provides professional-grade sound and versatility. The user-friendly design and versatile connectivity options make it accessible for beginners and experienced users alike. With the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen, you have everything you need to achieve exceptional audio recordings and take your creative projects to the next level.


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3. Shure SM7B

Customer Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars


  • Excellent sound quality and wide-range frequency response for professional broadcasting, podcasting, and recording.
  • Rugged construction and detachable windscreen for durability and optimized audio capture.
  • Provides a warm and smooth sound signature.
  • Versatile and suitable for both music and speech applications.


  • Requires an XLR connection and an audio interface with phantom power.
  • May be relatively expensive compared to entry-level microphones.
  • It is a large and heavy microphone, which may require a sturdy microphone stand or mounting solution.


The Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone is a top choice for professionals in the broadcast, podcasting, and recording industries. With its wide-range frequency response and warm, smooth sound, it captures vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity and detail. The rugged construction ensures durability, and the detachable windscreen minimizes unwanted noise. Whether you're recording music or speech, the Shure SM7B delivers professional-grade audio and is built to withstand the demands of studio environments. Elevate your recordings with this renowned XLR studio microphone and experience superior sound quality.


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4. Audio-Technica AT2020

Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars


  • High-quality cardioid condenser microphone with excellent audio reproduction for studio applications.
  • Affordable and suitable for project studios or home recording setups.
  • Provides a clear and detailed sound capture.
  • Solid build quality and durability.


  • Requires an XLR connection and an audio interface with phantom power.
  • The cardioid polar pattern may pick up some background noise in certain environments.
  • Limited features compared to higher-end studio microphones.


The Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone is a versatile and high-performing microphone suitable for project and home studio applications. With its cardioid polar pattern, it captures sound with exceptional clarity and reduces unwanted background noise. The sleek black design adds a touch of elegance to any setup. Ideal for recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, and more, the AT2020 delivers professional-grade audio reproduction. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced audio enthusiast, this microphone is a reliable choice for achieving studio-quality sound in your home studio.


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5. DJI Mic

Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars


  • Wireless lavalier microphone system with an impressive range of 250m (820 ft.).
  • Long 15-hour battery life for extended recording sessions.
  • Noise cancellation technology for clear audio in various environments.
  • Versatile compatibility with PC, iPhone, and Android devices.


  • Relatively new product, limited availability of user reviews.
  • Requires charging the microphone system and managing battery life.
  • May have a learning curve for initial setup and synchronization.


The DJI Mic is a wireless lavalier microphone system that offers impressive features for content creators. With two transmitters, one receiver, and a convenient charging case, it provides flexibility and convenience during recording sessions. The microphone system boasts a remarkable range of 250m (820 ft.) and a 15-hour battery life, ensuring uninterrupted recording sessions. With built-in noise cancellation technology, it captures clear and high-quality audio, making it ideal for interviews, vlogs, and other content creation purposes. Compatible with PC, iPhone, and Android devices, the DJI Mic is a versatile wireless microphone solution for capturing professional-grade audio on the go.


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6. Rode Wireless GO II

Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Dual-channel wireless microphone system for versatile recording setups.
  • Compact and lightweight design, suitable for on-the-go recording.
  • Easy to set up and use with a simple pairing process.
  • Offers excellent audio quality and range.


  • Battery life may be relatively short compared to other wireless microphone systems.
  • The compact size may result in a smaller range compared to larger wireless systems.
  • Limited control options for fine-tuning audio settings.


The Rode Wireless GO II is a dual-channel wireless microphone system that offers exceptional convenience and versatility. With its compact and lightweight design, it allows for easy on-the-go recording. The system provides reliable wireless audio transmission, making it ideal for interviews, vlogging, and other content creation applications. It features two transmitters and a single receiver, enabling simultaneous recording from two sources. The Wireless GO II boasts a range of practical features, including a 3.5mm audio output, onboard recording capability, and a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 7 hours of operation. With its user-friendly interface and superior audio quality, the Rode Wireless GO II is a valuable tool for content creators seeking a reliable wireless microphone system.


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7. Rode NTG-3B

Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars


  • Professional-grade shotgun microphone with excellent audio quality and directionality.
  • Rugged construction suitable for outdoor and challenging recording environments.
  • Provides a balanced and natural sound capture.
  • Works well for film, broadcast, and other applications requiring focused audio recording.


  • Requires an XLR connection and an audio interface with phantom power.
  • The longer length and weight of the microphone may require additional support or mounting equipment.
  • It is a relatively high-end microphone with a higher price point.


The Rode NTG-3B Shotgun Microphone is a professional-grade mic crafted for film, broadcast, and other applications where precise audio recording is crucial. Its superior audio quality and highly directional pickup pattern enable clear and detailed sound capture, even in challenging environments. Built with durability in mind, the NTG-3B boasts a rugged construction, making it suitable for outdoor use. With its balanced and natural sound reproduction, this shotgun microphone is a top choice for capturing dialogue, sound effects, and ambient audio. Elevate your audio recording to a professional level with the reliable and high-performing Rode NTG-3B.


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8. Zoom H4n Pro

Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars


  • Portable and versatile design.
  • Built-in stereo microphones.
  • Dual XLR/¼" combo inputs.
  • Battery-powered operation.
  • Supports stereo and multitrack recording.


  • Complex control interface.
  • Slightly larger and heavier compared to other compact recorders.
  • Battery life may not be sufficient for extended recording sessions.
  • Display visibility can be limited under certain lighting conditions.
  • Included accessories could have better quality or durability.


The Zoom H4n Pro is a versatile and portable 4-track recorder ideal for capturing stereo or multitrack audio in various recording applications. With its built-in stereo microphones, dual XLR/¼" combo inputs, and battery-powered operation, it offers flexibility and convenience for musicians, videographers, and podcasters. Whether you need to record music, audio for video, or podcasts, the Zoom H4n Pro delivers professional-grade sound quality in a compact package.


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9. Zoom H1n

Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Handy and portable design.
  • Includes a deluxe accessory bundle.
  • Versatile for capturing audio in various situations.
  • High-quality sound recording.
  • Compact and user-friendly.


  • May require additional accessories for specific recording needs.
  • Some users may prefer more advanced features or capabilities.
  • Limited control options compared to higher-end models.
  • Battery life may not be as long-lasting for extended recording sessions.
  • Included accessories may have limitations in quality or durability.


The Zoom H1n Digital Handy Recorder is a compact and user-friendly portable recorder bundled with essential accessories for convenient recording. With its high-quality Xpix Pro lavalier microphone, tripod, AAA batteries, and Fibertique cleaning cloth, it offers a complete package for capturing interviews, podcasts, and live performances. The H1n delivers exceptional audio recording in a compact design, making it a reliable choice for creators on the go.


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10. Rode VideoMic Pro+

Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars


  • Camera-mount shotgun microphone.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Battery-powered operation with extended battery life.
  • Minimizes handling noise.
  • Advanced audio features.


  • May require additional accessories for specific mounting or connectivity needs.
  • Some users may prefer a longer microphone cable length.
  • Advanced audio features may have a learning curve for beginners.
  • Limited control options compared to higher-end models.
  • Price may be higher compared to entry-level microphones. 


The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a camera-mount shotgun microphone designed for professional audio recording during video shoots. With its compact and lightweight design, integrated shock mounting, and extended battery life, it provides excellent audio quality and reduced handling noise. Equipped with advanced features and the Rycote Lyre suspension system, the VideoMic Pro+ ensures superior sound capture, making it a valuable tool for filmmakers, videographers, and content creators seeking professional audio for their videos.


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In conclusion, the top 10 microphones and recording devices for 2023 offer a wide variety of options to meet the needs of content creators in different fields. The Zoom H4n Pro 4-Track Portable Recorder is an excellent choice for its versatility, 4-track capability, and stereo microphones. For those seeking portability, the Zoom H1n Digital Handy Portable Recorder with its bundled accessories provides a complete package for interviews and podcasts. The Rode VideoMic Pro+ stands out as a compact and feature-rich shotgun microphone for videographers. Additional noteworthy options include the Shure SM7B for broadcast-quality audio and the Audio-Technica AT2020 for versatile studio applications. With these top choices, you can enhance your sound quality and elevate your recordings, regardless of your specific creative needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do youtubers need a microphones?

Yes, having a microphone is essential for YouTubers to ensure high-quality audio in their videos. Using the built-in microphones on cameras or smartphones may result in subpar audio. Investing in an external microphone, such as the Zoom H4n Pro 4-Track Portable Recorder or the Zoom H1n Digital Handy Portable Recorder, can significantly enhance the audio quality and make your YouTube content more professional and engaging.

What kind of mic do youtubers use?

YouTubers use various types of microphones depending on their specific recording needs. Some popular choices among YouTubers include lavalier microphones, shotgun microphones, and studio condenser microphones. The PoP voice Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone and the Rode VideoMic Pro+ Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone are excellent options for YouTubers looking for reliable and high-quality audio capture.

Which microphones do most youtubers use? 

While preferences vary among YouTubers, some commonly used microphones include the Zoom H4n Pro 4-Track Portable Recorder, the Zoom H1n Digital Handy Portable Recorder, and the Rode VideoMic Pro+ Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone. These microphones are favored for their versatility, portability, and excellent audio quality, making them popular choices among YouTubers.

Do youtubers need a microphone?

Yes, having a microphone is highly recommended for YouTubers. While some built-in microphones on cameras or smartphones can capture audio, they often fall short in terms of quality and clarity. External microphones provide significant improvements in audio recording, resulting in professional sound quality for YouTube videos. Using a dedicated microphone, such as the ones mentioned in this article, ensures clear and crisp audio, enhancing the overall viewer experience and making your content more engaging and professional. Whether you're recording vocals, instruments, interviews, or any other type of audio, investing in a microphone will greatly enhance the audio quality of your YouTube channel.

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